An introduction.. if you please.

This is it. The FIRST post EVER on my new blog. This is exciting albeit a tad nerve-racking spilling my guts on the world-wide web. Although, how conceded of me to think that more than two people (my mom and grandmother) will actually be reading this…

Anyway, I thought I would take a cue from a literary hero of mine, whom you will all come to know as part of my Harry Potter obsession, Albus Dumbledore, and say a few words: Nitwit, twicklewack, bobble and wonkers…

Just kidding! I actually want to write something worth while. I decided to create this blog in order for friends and family to share in my experiences across the pond, as I won’t be able to communicate via phone and Facebook as much as I would like to. ┬áThe first stop on my journey will be Iceland, with my boyfriend Adam. We decided to do a three week expedition before I embark on my adventure….. alone, friendless, vulnerable, scared etc etc…. Okay I know that’s bordering on Drama Queen, but still.. its scary! Anyway back to my trip. So we start off in Iceland where we will spend four days exploring, soaking up the scenery and hopefully riding some horses, and whales (if we’re lucky).

The next stop is London for a day to leave my things, and then it’s off to France. We are there for a couple of days where the History major in me will be purring with delight, and then its off to… wait for it…. SPAIN! Adam and I have always wanted to see this beautiful country so this will be where the majority of our trip is spent. Hopefully we will take in as many beaches as we can handle, see some amazing architecture and get drunk enough on Sangria to ride a wild bull… again, in my dreams.

After we mingle with the Spaniards it’s off to…. okay, this may be even better.. MOROCCO! Sand and camels and scorpions oh my! We will be there for about four days I think and then it’s back to England where after a few days Adam will head back to Ontario after we experience the throws of the ultimate Hollywood goodbye: passionate kissing, groping, sobbing so hard HE can’t breath and me running behind the plane screaming I LOVE YOU! COME BACK! OR, the other, more accurate departure will probably involve an awkward public hug and kiss and some silent lingering… just kidding (he loves me I swear)..

So that is our trip in a nutshell and this officially marks the beginning of my new, hopefully semi-decent and semi-language appropriate blog! Enjoy!