Hola from Spain!


Sorry for taking so long to write a new post, the internet has not been nice to us since London! Adam and I are now in Malaga, Spain, and are loving everrryy minute of it! To recap, from Iceland we travelled to London for a couple of days and saw as much as we could like the busy little tourists we are in the little time we had. London is amazing and I can´t believe I will be calling it my home come September. I loved every minute we were there and can´t wait to spend some time on my own there this coming year. After London it was off to Paris for three days, and I don´t think I can say enough positive things about this amazing city. Aside from smelling like rotting animal corpses in some areas (however Adam and I were used to this, ergo Thailand) the sights, the people and the culture there were wonderful. We did a number of things while we were here including Versailles (AWESOME, and I got in for free so woohooo!) the Catacombs (again, awesome) of course the Eiffel Tower (not in the least bit underwhelmed but if you don´t think you would like 10 million street rats shoving souvenirs in your face you might want to think twice about going) Notre Dame (beautiful) and The Louvre (definitely tried to pretend I was in the Davinci Code). All in all, we loved it!

From Paris we travelled to Barcelona, where we only stayed for one night and wished we could have stayed much, much longer as it was AMAZING and sooooo lively and ridiculous, like myself! The harbour was beautiful and we saw lots of nice beaches and some of the more touristy sites as well on a tour bus, as we were only there for a little bit and wanted to see as much as we could. At night we ventured down La Rambla street, which is full of crazy street performers, lots of nice little cafes and bars and good shopping as well. I got a sweet vintage Casio watch and some knock off Ray Bans… oh right and we almost got killed while buying those… haha not really but almost (not).  It turns out there was an undercover policeman amongst us crazy tourists and after I had purchased my sunglasses, he came out of no where and started chasing the 30 street vendors that were selling knock off everythings.. I honestly felt like we were on Cops ,and for those who know me know this is my favorite show, and therefore was loving every minute of it.

After Barcelona we arrived in Malaga yesterday and are here until tomorrow where we will travel to Nerga for some better beach action and then its off to Algerciras, Gibralter (hellllo monkey city) and then Seville and finally Morocco. We are having a fabulous time and doing as much as we can while we are here! Today is a beach day and then some touring later on and then hopefully getting drunk on some cheap Sangria. I will try and do another post with pictures (sorry) before we leave Spain!

I love you all, thanks for reading!



Would you like a side of whale with that?

Hallo from Iceland!

Adam and I have officially began our Eurotrip, the first stop obviously being Iceland. After a very tearful, yet fairly non-dramatic goodbye to my parents (go me and mom!) we departed for Iceland on Thursday and arrived early Friday morning. Our initial reactions were both ones of excitement, and thought the scenery upon landing was beautiful.

We had a painless drive into Reykjavik (Iceland´s capitol) and all was smooth sailing until we reached our “guesthouse.” Located on a somewhat sketchy sidestreet, we had to call a number to get in contact with the manager. Little did we know that the location we were at was only a meeting point and our guesthouse was actually outside the city…approx 10-15 min outside…wonderful. While Adam sorted that out, the fates shone down and brought me some company in the form of a fluffy, well-behaved cat named… ready for this? PATTI! haha, just my kind of lady. We played and had some great conversation until she took off into the wilderness… Anyway, the manager came to pick us up about a half hour later and the guesthouse we arrived at is actually quite comfortable. Simple, yet has all the amenities (or anemities, as Morgann would call them hehe) we need, and he has been very helpful in directing us around the country. So some mild panicking to start but that died down pretty quickly.

We have done two tours so far, one called The Golden Circle, which involved seeing the beautiful countryside of Southern Iceland, geysers, sheep/horses, waterfalls, hiking, and a trip to the geothermal plant that supplies most of the hot water in all of Iceland (obviously Adam the geographer´s idea and not mine).

Today we went horseback riding along the base of the mountains and through the country and overall that was a wonderful experience. However, I do feel like my mom beat me for eating 17 Twinkies instead of the one that I was allowed (that probably  did happen) as my whole body is sooo sore. My horse´s name was Madonna, and like her alias, was a little bitchy but still pretty fabulous. She pinned my leg against a fence, but other than that she was cordial. I don´t know what it is but Icelandic horses trot and run differently than those found in North America, and I was heaving for air for laughing so hard. I was bobbing up and down like a friggin ragdoll and the horse would continue on as though I wasn´t there. Check out Icelandic Horses on YouTube and you will see what I mean. Or not..

After that went into Reykjavik for some walking and a nice dinner. Adam and I have decided that this will be the trip of trying new things, and so far, I am the master. For those close to me, you know I am one of the pickiest eaters…to the point of being annoying! However, you will all be pleased to know that so far on this trip, I have tried the following: lamb (didn´t really care for it, plus I realized it was a baby animal and not a sheep halfway through eating it), lobster bisque (I do not like seafood, but I did really enjoy this and ate the whoollleee bowl!) and minke whale (ew…it looked like what I would imagine fried dog at the gates of hell). However, I did not complain (you must all be in shock) and ate each thing like a champion.

SO, now that I have written enough for a chapter in a memoir..which I would probably entitle “Queen of the Beasts” if any of you were wondering…. I’m going to see what princess is doing in the other room.

Hope you are all having as much as fun as I am! Stay tuned, our next destination: London! xo

To pack or not to pack?

I have begun the daunting task of packing up my life into my backpack, one GIANT suitcase, and one medium to large suitcase. Who knew it would be so difficult?

For instance, do I hang on to the maroon jacket with puffed sleeves that is reminiscent of one that Summer Roberts wore on the OC…six years ago….ergo, it reminds me of high school?? OR… tops that have wandered out of my closet and onto my body to make a good night even better because I feel like a million bucks? What about tops/bottoms that I haven’t worn in months…like six to twelve months… ugh… I neeeeeed Need NEED to do a closet cleanse but I am torn..

Also, is it going to far to pack upwards of 12 dresses… okay saying it out loud sounds maniacal, but I can find a reason to pack each and everyone.. how many is too many?

And one more thing.. those close to me know I am a sucker for jackets and purses/bags… while I am doing okay letting go of the bag thing (because I know I will find more FABULOUS ones in London) I am having an impossible time picking which jackets are most realistic and practical.. help!

What are staple items in your closet that you cannot live with out and would warrant a journey to a prettier closet across the pond?

I think its going a little too far in asking whether it’s appropriate to pack my entire collection of Harry Potter. BUT, I am going to England… where they were born…. and where wizards do live among muggles…AND on the off-chance I meet Daniel Radcliffe I should probably have a copy on hand of The Deathly Hallows, since it is my favorite.. right?

Anyway, this is what I currently look like in the process of packing..hopefully your days are going better than mine!