The Camel Toe Marathon..

As most of you know (and I apologize to those who do not) I have a pretty big obsession/hatred for the dreaded camel toe. This would be why I have never owned a pair of ridiculously overpriced lulu lemon pants, as I have NEVER seen a pair that do not pay tribute to a girls lady parts. This would also be why I have a SERIOUS issue with girls who wear tights with shirts that do not cover their bums/parts. I get that tights are comfy, I love wearing them too, however, I consider it a serious offense to my eye balls that I have to see the shape and size of your business… I did not ask for a side of vagina with my morning paper/Starbucks.

While I understand that sometimes it is an accident or perhaps even an act of ignorance, we need to stop this growing trend and unite against camel toes everywhere. While I may get a laugh once in a while out of these ladies misfortune, ultimately I am cringing on the inside wishing this foul occurrence was not associated with one of natures most loveable animals. That said, you are probably wondering what this has to do with me and this post. I recently purchased a pair of cold weather running tights that are extremely ‘body hugging’ and if I am not careful, they have the tendency to give me a SEVERE CT. However I, unlike most, am aware of this dreadful issue and take caution to cover my parts as best I can. If that means wearing two pairs of undies, so be it.

Okay, now I am going to get to the real point of this post which has everything to do with marathons, as suggested  in the title, and less about camel toes. I am quite possibly one of the laziest human beings on this earth. I would rather eat my own fingers than engage in physical activity. I hate the world of team sports, I don’t understand it, and I hate the feeling of my insides exploding because I tried to run for a full minute without stopping…. this is how out of shape my poor body is. SO, to rid my self of my slovenly behaviour, I have decided to participate in a 10km marathon in December. My beautiful roommate, who is MUCH more in shape than me, had this brilliant idea to do this together, so we can be one another’s motivation and to finally get in shape. We have been running off and on throughout the week for the last 3 weeks roughly and yesterday we ran 4km without stopping. For me, this was HUGE! I mean come on, I used to limp, feign a stomach ache, hide in the change rooms, use ANY possible excuse throughout high school and university to get out of being physical. I was so proud of us, and I am actually excited to beat our distance and time on our next run. We still have a full month to continue training, and I have full confidence that we will rock the shit out of this marathon…. or at least look fashionable while we are being taken to the hospital because we passed out 2km before the finish line…

No really. We can do this. This is the first time I have been serious about getting in shape and staying in shape. I owe it to my body and soul to not be a lazy sow who eats fast food and chocolate and lays in bed all day every day. SO, having said that, I will keep you posted on our progress and until next time I have left you with a picture of us in our running gear… yes it’s matching and yes, we are ridiculous.

Okay so the picture wont work, but I will upload it when I get back from Ireland!


What I’ve Learned This Month

When I decided to do a blog initially, it was to be used as an outlet for family and friends to share in my experiences in London. Not only do I want to update you all on what’s going on in my physical world around me, but I thought I would let you in on my emotional journey as well. So, to start, I thought I would take this idea I have seen on many a blog, and write about what I have learned this past month of being away from home.

1. I LOVE my hometown. My friends, and I included, couldn’t get away from our town fast enough when we went away to university. It is your typical tiny farming community, population 3300, no diversity, lots of old people and nothing to do. However, being away in another country, I have truly grown to appreciate this little slice of heaven for what it is… mine. I also know that where ever I go, or how long I am gone, my family will always be there (unless the win the lottery and move to some tropical location) and I love that feeling of “homeness.”

2. I have no patience for rude people. I was unprepared for the people of this country, especially those in the service industry. People on the street, for the most part, are friendly and helpful, but if you walk into a restaurant, fast food joint, clothing store, on the bus, the tube etc, people are f-ing demons. I felt the f word was poignant here to get my point across. I have never experienced rudeness at this level before. For example, in Subway, I asked if there were any more olives..the woman said ‘oh I have to make them…so no….. ‘ Please explain to me how you MAKE an OLIVE?? Get off your lazy ass, go to the back, grab the container that is full of olives, empty it into the tray, and serve. GOT IT? You’re going to have to do refills at the end of the night anyway.

3. I like having time to myself. For most of my adult life I have loved to be around people 24/7 , being social and always making plans… but lately I really enjoy having ‘me’  time. Whether its my time to and from school in the mornings, laying in my bed doing nothing, or going for walks when the weather is in my favor, I love just being by myself and thinking…. most likely about unicorns, other magical creatures, and what kind of family life the squirrels I see have..

4. I have the most amazing friends in the world. I appreciated you all before coming here, really I did. But being here, and seeing all of your support everyday has made being here alone bearable, and even more importantly, enjoyable. I know that any time of the day or night if I needed any one of you, you would be there for me in an instant. You are all the most hilarious, encouraging, supportive, thoughtful, and ridiculous human beings, and I love you all so much. Thank you.

5. I need to be more patient. I feel like I am constantly in a rush. Whether it’s getting ready to go out for the night, getting to school, making plans, or really big important life stuff, I am always in a hurry. I need to slow down, be patient, and enjoy my life as it is and as it is unfolding. Everything will work out in the end, I know this, and worrying about things that won’t be happening for the next year or so, is not doing me, or anyone else any good.

6. I am so lucky and unbelievably thankful for my boyfriend, Adam. Again, it’s not that I wasn’t thankful for him before embarking on this adventure, but now more than ever, he has proved how amazing he is, over and over, since I have been gone. I wasn’t so much worried that we would fall apart while I am away, but that I would fall apart. I didn’t know that I would be strong enough to stick this out (I know it’s only October) and survive in this city, on my own. However, quite the opposite has happened, thanks to him. I feel more independent than I ever have, in a good way, and he makes me see that yes, I am capable of being on my own and doing anything I set my mind to. If any of you get to experience the love I feel for this person, and have felt in return in your life than you, like me, are the luckiest person in the world. Okay, enough of my cheese-queen rant but come on, he is so magical I sometimes secretly (not anymore I guess..) think he is Dumbledore.

7. It’s okay to not have my entire life figured out. I am 23. And newly 23 for that matter so practically still 22. I so badly want to get married, buy/build a house with Adam, have 3 dogs, go back to school and fulfill my dreams of working with animals in some capacity, and the list goes on. I KNOW I will accomplish all of these things, I do. I will work hard to make sure each of these things happen, but I was/am having a hard time just letting this happen. I guess this goes along with the #5 patience lesson, but I think this one is even more important. I am on an amazing journey right NOW. I am in ENGLAND for crying out loud. Where I have always wanted to visit and I am actually LIVING here. I need to stop planning my entire life and start living the one I have in front of me, which is pretty f-ing awesome by the way, to the fullest. It’s just sometimes the ansyness creeps into my body and a billion thoughts of “oh I should be doing this by now, or oh if I want to go back to school it should be now while I am young” cloud my brain. BUT. I have come to realize that I am still a young woman with lots of potential to do great things in this world. And I don’t have to have it all figured out. And maybe one day, perhaps you will see my face in a National Geographic article, on how I saved the Polar Bears from extinction… or at least nursed one back to health and freed it into the wild.

So now that I’ve spilled my guts I’d like to know, What are some things that you have learned this month/year?