Happy Sunday!

It has been so nice in London over the weekend (a rarity) and today it’s semi sunny and quite mild out so I am taking advantage to run some errands and get some fresh air with my favorite roomie. We are also going to pick up some bread so that we can make my all time favourite Canadian breakfast, FRENCH TOAST! We found maple syrup so I am excited to be a sticky beast for the next few hours while being the glutton I am.

Also, our friendly neighbor cat whom we haven’t seen much of lately decided to pay us a visit and come sniffing around for some affection… don’t have to ask me twice! So, since I am having such a lovely Sunday I thought I would wish all of you the same! AND, if you are not familiar with this magical band, you need to listen to this song and their entire album and make sweet audio love to it like I do.

Happy Sunday!


From Italy with love.

Oh Italy, how I miss thee. It has been a week and a half since Adam and I visited this magical place and I am longing to go back. Since I had a week off in February, Adam came to see me and we travelled to Italy for about 12 days… in a word it was (which is slowly becoming a staple word in my vocabulary) magical. I loved it. Not to mention I got to go to one place I have wanted to since I can remember with my most favourite person.

We started in Rome where we stayed for four days. Definitely my favourite part of our trip. I always thought Rome would be a fantastic place, but it exceeded my expectations in SO many ways. It is probably the most beautiful city I have yet to visit and everything about it was such a positive experience. The buildings there are insane, you can’t even fathom how these were built when they were… so amazing. One of the highlights for me was the Colosseum.. We were walking through a park on our way to see this and it just came up on the horizon out of nowhere and it was such a big moment for me. Seeing something you have been waiting to see for years and years was intense and so cool. We stayed there for probably just over an hour just walking around inside and me constantly having to pick my jaw up off of the floor.. After we saw the Colosseum we walked over to the forum where there are lots of ancient ruins and churches etc to explore. Beautiful.

The Vatican was wonderful as well. We visit St. Peters Basilica and walked to the very top (I was a sweaty, heaving beast by the time we got there) and saw the city from above, soooo amazing. More people up there then I cared to see but it would have been worse on a scorching summer day with a bunch of sweat hogs so I’m not complaining. The Sistine Chapel was really neat to see, smaller than I expected and again about a million people stuffed into a room made for 100. While we were in Rome we got to see Adams old roomie Alex and that was a lot of fun! We had lots of wine and the boys partook in some Grappa, which did not have a happy ending for one of them… I won’t say which… *cough” Bulgarian.. *cough*

After Rome it was off to Naples and Pompeii. We LOVED Naples. It was such a cool city with lots of old streets to get lost in, markets, tons of people, and graffiti everywhere. We had been warned that it’s not the safest of cities but we had no problems. Unless you count having to run away from a couple of demon kids on a mini four wheeler who were silly stringing perfect strangers…ridiculous. Pompeii was awesome as well, so interesting to see an entire city preserved after a volcanic disaster. It wasn’t busy either which was a plus and there were plenty of street dogs to satisfy me so all was good. Earlier in the day we hiked up Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii, and surprisingly I didn’t collapse or puke from too much exertion, go me! It was really neat to see a volcano and Adam loved it so I loved seeing him in his element.

The last four days of trip were spent in Capri and on the Amalfi coast. This area of Italy is SO beautiful it was hard to believe it was even real. It would have been nice to go in the summer when it was warmer so that we could swim in the AMAZING water there, but it was still magical nonetheless and we had so much fun together just exploring the towns and streets and forests that were here. There were barely any tourists here because it’s off season so that was a positive. One of the best things about the entire trip though was the FOOD. God, it was soooo delicious. I definitely packed on some pounds just eating pasta and pizza the whole time, but it was SO worth it. Our last night in Amalfi we had the BEST dinner. It was a little restaurant run by a mother and son and we had the best pasta and bread and wine. It was delicious and such a nice way to end the trip.

We arrived back in London late on Tuesday and then had one more day to ourselves on Wednesday before Adam left for home Thursday morning. We just relaxed and spent most of the day cuddling and watching movies and of course had some delicious Indian food, which has become another staple food in my diet. I LOVE it. Anyway, we had a great last day together and in the morning said our goodbyes (without crying) and I had the rest of the day off to unpack and relax and get back into my everyday routine.

All in all it was a wonderful wonderful trip and our time together really was magical. Enter mushy Justine. I don’t know why I’m so surprised but more and more I see how one decision I made a million years ago could make me so happy and feel so fulfilled. I realize how lucky I am more everyday…. and it doesn’t help that he’s a man in uniform… Enter inappropriate Justine. I think every girl should bone, I mean date, a man in uniform… just sayin’