Turkey, among other things.

It has been wayyy to long since my last post so I apologize for being so lazy! So much has happened in the last month and I figured it was time to provide an update to my loyal followers with an obscenely long post. First off, for my two week term break myself and some girlfriends went on an adventure to Turkey and needless to say we had a wonderful time! The weather was fabulous, the scenery was beautiful and the people were very welcoming and helpful.

We stayed on a resort in the beach city of Alanya and because it was not tourist season, it was pretty barren, which was great for us. We pretty much spent our days being lazy, reading on the beach and soaking up the sun… I did get slightly  severely burnt so I had to tone down the tanning for of, but was back on track by the end of the week! The water was a bit to chilly to enjoyably swim but Candice and I did test it out on one occasion. The food was pretty good as well.. it was really hard to find authentic Turkish dishes because the area is SO catered toward tourists, but we did manage to find some delicious food near the end of our trip. Unfortunately, this trip didn’t involve too much party puking (well I guess it’s not that unfortunate) because the drink prices where we were were absolutely ridiculous… I’m talkin’ about 25 Canadian dollars per cocktail. No thank you. We did buy our own alcohol here and there and found us some good deals, but all in all our livers were pretty happy to be on vacation as well.

We did do some local travelling while there and were able to see some really awesome ancient ruins that have been so well-preserved over the years. We went to an area called Aspendos which houses the oldest and most well preserved Roman amphitheatre and that was awesome! The history buff in me definitely enjoyed that part of our trip. We stayed for 7 days but I definitely don’t think that is enough time to see the country so hopefully one day I can go back and see more of the history the country has to offer!

Since we got back I had another week off before work started and was looking forward to just relaxing, getting organized and planning mom/dad/Adam’s trip coming up at the end of May/beginning of June. However, I barely did any of those things as the social butterfly in me just couldn’t be tamed. I was able to go to Portobello and enjoy the insanely nice weather we had last week.. my wonderful friend Michelle and I sat and drank in the 25 degree weather all afternoon and it was fabulous. I also ventured to Regents park with friends on Thursday, which I had never before visited, and it was so beautiful. On Friday I met my friend Leann for dinner and then a couple of us girls decided to go see Scream 4. I love a good scary movie and can’t remember how long its been since I have seen a movie that has actually scared the s**t out of me… probably Paranormal Activity..  Anyway, needless to say, the movie wasn’t that great, not that I was expecting it to be, but we did jump a few times and had some good laughs! After the movie we braved the local bar where I live and lets just say it was an out-of-body experience… definitely scarier than Scream 4!  The people or should I say hog beasts, that frequent that place were.. interesting… there was a smoke machine that probably clouded the normally sane persons judgement and you couldn’t dance without swatting wandering hands away from your private parts… it’s safe to say I probably won’t be returning any time soon.

And then we have Easter… well, as I am the epitome of appropriate behaviour (my mom is now choking) I decided to spend my Sunday in Church… not the one where you can find Jesus, although come to think of it there were many Jesus’ in attendance… I’m talking about The Church.. the one where it is not uncommon to witness people making babies on the dance floor, people are dressed up as anything and everything, and the beer flows freely both down throats and clothes equally. Since it was Easter, the girls and I decided to be Easter Bunnies and we were not the only ones who thought this was clever, as there was much humping, I mean hopping, all over the bar that day!

That’s that.. I will write again sooner than later because in exactly t-2 days one of my besties will be here so that we can wreak havoc on this city for a few days!