Goodbye London, Hello Ontario!

This post is LONG overdue and as such it will probably be huge in length so if you fall asleep I won’t judge. It has been exactly 13 days since I moved home from London and while it was a bittersweet goodbye, there really is no place like home. I had three very special visitors during my last three weeks in England and they definitely made my final days even more magical. After one last party weekend with all of my wonderful friends from the city, Adam came to see me before my parents were set to arrive. We had a great week doing lots of touristy stuff in the city and it was nice to just have our own time together and not have to worry about anything or be on a schedule.

Mom and dad arrived a week later and the three of us were off to Belgium and Holland for a week.. in a word, it was fantastic! My parents had never been to either place and my dad had never been to Europe so it was a big milestone for all of us! The countries were both so beautiful and it was so nice to be able to travel together. Adam had to fly home from Amsterdam but the three of us continued on to York (SO beautiful) and Scotland (LOVED it).. We all flew home together on the 14th..

Saying goodbye to the city wasn’t so bad, I felt well prepared and ready to start the next chapter of my life back home.. Not to say I don’t miss all the city has to offer, the people, the dancing, the shopping, and the crazy busy vibe of the city, I do… but I grew so much being away and learned so much about myself, my family and friends and my relationship that I really can’t be too sad. I am so thankful for the experience I had this past year and what it meant for my future. So.. London.. Thank you. Thank you for teaching me to have patience… Correction: more a bit more patience. Thank you for being a constant form of entertainment. Thank you for bringing amazing people in my life. Thank you for helping me be more sure of myself and independent. Thank you for throwing me into the unexpected and pushing me to come out more than okay on the other side. And most importantly, thank you for turning me off of fried chicken for the rest of my life.. my arteries really appreciate it.

While it was fairly easy to say goodbye to the city, it was A LOT harder saying goodbye to the one thing, well I should say person, who made my entire year what it was… magical. My Candice. I was expecting to come to England and meet lots of new people and establish new relationships etc etc… what I wasn’t expecting to find was a best friend. Everyone who knows her knows that she is the most caring and thoughtful friend you could ever want, who will laugh with you and hold you up when you’re ugly crying, who will drink you under the table, who will have Dawsons Creek marathons with you and eat Indian with you 4 times a week… oh and who is just as bad at math as me.. which is really, REALLY bad. So really all I want to say is thank you for being my roommate this year. I love you Candice, thank you for making my year unforgettable.

SO, now that I am back home I have no plans for employment or really anything as of right now.. I have applied to some boards in my area and will be taking some extra courses in the near future but really I am enjoying my time at home and getting settled back into things. While I am moving at a slower pace than usual it is quite nice not having a schedule and worrying about how the hell I’m getting to work in the morning or what the kids will be like and what creepzilla will be hitting on me on the tube.

One more thing, since I am no longer in London, I’m thinking I may have to change the name of my blog… While I thought I might want to cease my blogging for now, I think I would like to keep writing.. it’s thereputic and I enjoy it.. even if my posts only have to do with laziness, cats, farm animals, staring off into space etc.. no but really, I need help with a new title so please, suggestions are welcomed!