Another Year Bites the Dust

Well, another year has passed and as such it happens to be my birthday today. While I do feel all warm and fuzzy and all those wonderful things feelings that go along with your birthday I don’t necessary FEEL 24. Looking back on the past year I am kind of in shock that already year has gone by since I nervously stepped foot on England’s greasy, fried chicken bone skewed soil. One year ago today I was hand in hand with my new roomie and soon to be most cherished friend I would have in London, on our way to see Oliver. Oh how I miss that crazy city!

On this day however, I find myself sitting in my living room, quite a different atmosphere than the busy and exciting streets of the city, but still content and being thankful for all that I have in my life. I sound like I am a little old lady  with 8 cats resting by my side reflecting on her life as she lies dying or something, but I really am so happy to be at the age I am and have done SO many wonderful things up to this point. Looking back at my last post, which was one of complete frustration, I still am anxious and badly playing my waiting game, but I need to realize that I am only 24 and the most important and exciting parts of my life are still yet to come. I have seen and done things I know I have taken for granted and have friends and family that love me, if possible, even more than I love them.

I really do have the best friends in the world and I thank you all for celebrating me and my craziness on a day to day basis. And of course the best parents and in-laws a girl could ask for. Seriously, just thinking of the four of them makes my heart explode with love. And lastly, as always, thank you to my magic-weilding boyfriend… with one smile you unhindge me.

And so, with a plate of greasy chinese waiting for me, my 24 year old self is going to eat and then prepare my body for the recklessness that is bound to ensue this evening with old friends. Happy Birthday to me!


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