Memory Lane Mondays

It’s raining, it’s pouring and I’m watching BOOKMICE!

So, as it happens to be my favourite kind of day, cloudy and rainy and perfect snuggle weather, I thought why not enjoy a lazy day with Beanie and watch movies and read and relax (I’m acting like I don’t do this everyday already). As I’m flipping through the channels I came across Breaker High ( which was an AWESOME show by the way)  Who didn’t want to go to school on a cruise ship and travel the world and date Max and have tons of money?? So realistic. Don’t pretend you didn’t LOVE it! Unfortunately we didn’t get the channel so instead I YouTubed some episodes and enjoyed that for a few minutes.

Okay, back to Bookmice. So, continuing through my channel flipping I came across the holy grail of my childhood… a show that I would watch everyday and pretend I had the same mice living in my bedroom walls… that’s right people, BOOKMICE!!!! I LOVED this show when I was little and almost cried today when it came on. Honestly are you kidding me?? Three mice puppets who live in a friggin library with an orange cat named Exit as their enemy… what is better than that? It didn’t even matter that you could SEE the rods attached to their bodies to make them move. The cartoons that are on now a days are scary in comparison to what we had in the 90’s… I mean,  can you say Today’s Special? Or Under The Umbrella Tree? FRAGGLE ROCK? EUREKAS CASTLE? Seriously, amazing. Now it’s all, forced-to-be-diverse shows with no claymation or puppets or mannequins that come to life and even if they have these characters, they are so ahead of 90s animation that it’s not even fun to watch…

Therefore, in honor of this rainy monday and to put a smile on your face, I leave these gems for you to enjoy for the 90s child in you:



Happy Monday!




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