Some things to make you smile.

I know I have been absent as of late, but I have been busy with my AQ courses I am currently enrolled in as well as other things here and there. Perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened recently was the Mumford and Sons concert I attended a couple of weeks ago in Hamilton. In a word, they were AMAZING. I was so excited to see them as they are one of my favourite bands and I just absolutely love their music, but I really wasn’t prepared for how truly wonderful they were. I think what made the whole experience even greater was that the band themselves were just so humble and happy to be playing for us, and it seemed they were overwhelmed by playing in such a large venue. They played so many songs off of their upcoming album as well, so for me that was quite the treat. Since it is going to take 8 years to upload my own personal videos I found some of my favourite performances from that evening for your listening pleasure.




While I did not go out for Halloween this year I did enjoy a lovely weekend with my family and an old friend and loved seeing my nieces costumes on Monday evening. Claire was Falcon Girl (from the show He-man) and her momma made her an amazing costume and Lettie was a Jellyfish… SO cute! Even though my Halloween spirit was lacking, I found a really funny video that you should watch if you’re in need of a good laugh! Trust me, it’s worth it!

Follow the link to watch:

Finally, in other news I am off to Moose Jaw tomorrow for a much-needed reunion with my other half and I am SO excited to see him and cuddle him and do other things that are not blog-news-appropriate.

Happy Thursday!



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